About Us

This business was started knowingly or unknowingly by Mr. DK Shrestha and Mrs. Gayatri Shrestha from Damak, Jhapa. After retiring from the British Gurkha Army, they had engaged themselves and their time totally to their ancestral land for farming in order to  manage day to day needs. Mr. Shrestha had good knowledge of the market and needs of Damak during his serving as the headmaster. They had established Meklajung Rice mill at Damak to cater local needs and also to get better value from their own grown products of the farmland. Similarly,  Ganga Talkies P. Ltd at Bhadrapur in Partnership was established . Diversification was an absolute must to survive then and so he started Purwanchal Yatayat P. Ltd in partnership with his ex- army colleagues from Dharan, Koshi. He was also the founder member of Damak cooperative P. ltd in 2032 BS. As he had a vision of development through education, he further established Gayatri Vidyapith in 2046 BS at Damak. Changes are inevitable. Political environment has kept changing from the absolute monarchy system to the federal republic system. Many ups and downs have been faced but legacy still prevails.

The vision of purity and simplicity has the top most priority in this organization. Dealing genuinely is our  ultimate goal.